Monday, July 17, 2006


The St Magnus Festival was founded in 1977 by Orkney’s distinguished resident composer Sir Peter Maxwell Davies.

The Festival brings a feast of music and other arts to locations throughout the Orkney Islands.

The 30th St Magnus Festival celebrated the life and work of Orkney’s great poet and storyteller George Mackay Brown, whose presence and writing graced the Festival from its inception until his death in 1966.

To mark this Highland Park released a limited edition 12 year old bottling with a unique label.

It produced only 500 for the festival and the original plan was to sell them exclusively through the distillery – but word of this release spread quickly and HP has been inundated with phone calls and e-mails asking if they can be bought online.

The bottles are £32.99 plus delivery and with fewer than 100 left they will be snapped up very quickly.

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‘And the whisky what is it but the earth’s rich essence, a symbol of all fruit and corn and cheerfulness and kindling… ?

George Mackay Brown Under Brinkie’s Brae 11/1/79

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