Monday, April 05, 2010

Dribs and Dregs, but Never Drab

By Global Internet Superstar, Ralfy

 Glasgow's Whisky Club are not the sort of folk to waste good whisky, so last Tuesday the merry maltsters gathered at the Club cosyzone (called by the locals a "pub") to see what bottle-ends were sitting on the Barrel and available to sniff, sample, savour and speak about.
Isle of Arran Peacock, Rowan tree, an old Strathclyde Grain, Indi Bladnoch and many assorted other stuffs provided a good variety of offerings/options, and importantly, with most being half (or less) full bottles there was a need to finish off the contents prior to opening new Whiskies.
We are all a motley assortment of individuals of varying gender, ages, disposition and character, so conversations and malt-discussions are rarely dull, and fortunately, not too serious or heavy-duty! and it is always a great opportunity to discuss with like minded people the findings and fine points of smell and flavour.
A young peated Arran proved a talking point, particularly as the Distillery are charging £50 for a four year old Malt,  was it worth it? Should we encourage Distillers to ask high prices by paying for what we think might be good Whisky or not ?

With such good natured interaction, it is worth noting that sometimes it is not the actual whiskies that make an event successful, but the quality of company and relaxed atmosphere which allow folk to relax and just enjoy ..... the Malty stuff.