Saturday, December 03, 2005


The unrivalled expertise of the Glengoyne Stillmen was confirmed with their personally-chosen Single Malts taking the lead in a host of awards bestowed on the distillery in this year’s Malt Maniacs Awards in Edinburgh.

With more than 100 bottles entered into the Malt Maniacs competition, Glengoyne was certainly the big winner of 2005. The distillery took away two awards and seven medals including, two Gold Medals, three Silver Medals and two Bronze.

Ewan’s Choice, the 19 Years Old Single Malt selected by Stillman Ewan Hendry as his personal favourite, won not only a Gold Award, but was also the winner of the Highlands Award of Excellence. Judges commented that it would also have received the Top Sherry Cask Award, if the rules hadn’t prevented the same malt from winning more than one award.

The Glengoyne 22 Years Old, which was Stillman Ronnie Palmer’s personal choice, also impressed the judges. Winning the Top Bourbon Cask Award and a Silver Medal, it was described as a bit of a closet ‘sherry monster’ by the judges.

Not to be outdone, Duncan McNicoll, the longest serving Glengoyne Stillman at 27 years, was proud to hear that Duncan’s Choice, the Glengoyne 15 Years Old also received a Gold Medal. Judges described it as ‘Very complex but balanced … with a delicate palate!’

Stuart Hendry, Glengoyne Brand Heritage and Commercial Manager said: “We are delighted. No one knows Glengoyne’s Single Malts better than the men who create them and it is fantastic for us to have the quality of our malts and the excellent taste and hard work of our Stillmen recognised.”

The three bottlings will be available through specialist retailers worldwide. Stuart Hendry said: “They were intended to be exclusive to the Glengoyne Distillery shop but after we swept the board we felt it unfair to keep them all to ourselves!"

Recommended UK retail prices are Duncan’s Choice £80, Ewan’s Choice £100 and Ronnie’s Choice £120.

Other Glengoyne Single Malts to receive accolade were the Glengoyne 15 Years Old Scottish Oak Wood Finish, Glengoyne 19 Years, Glengoyne 32 Years and the Glengoyne 37 Years Old Single Limited Edition Casks.

If you're keen on any or all of the Stillemen's Choices, here are their tasting notes.

They are all unchill-filtered, natural colour, cask strength and individually numbered, limited edition single cask bottlings:

Duncan’s Choice
Aged: 15 years
Description: dark walnut colour, and fruity sweet, sherry-oak taste
Wood Type: Sherry Hogshead
Cask No: 1204
Bottle No: 1/350
Strength: 70cl 55.7% vol.
Distillation Date: 4th July 1989
Bottling Date: May 2005
Approved by Duncan McNicoll

Ewan’s Choice
Aged: 19 years
Description: dark and rich, with sweet Christmas pudding aromas
Wood Type: Sherry Puncheon
Cask No: 441
Bottle No: 1/600
Strength: 70cl 51.5% vol.
Distillation Date: 13th April 1986
Bottling Date: May 2005
Approved by Ewan Hendry

Ronnie’s Choice
Aged: 22 years
Description: hints of vanilla and coconut
Wood Type: Bourbon Barrel
Cask No: 449
Bottle No: 1/200
Strength: 70cl 53.6% vol.
Distillation Date: 23rd December 1982
Bottling Date: May 2005
Approved by Ronnie Palmer

For further information contact Ian Macleod Distillers Ltd on tel: 01506 852205 or

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Friday, December 02, 2005


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Three of your clubsters talked their way into the Macallan/Highland Park tasting treat in Glasgow on St Andrew's Eve.

With an eye on future events - and please watch this space very carefully for an absolutely stonking announcement - Andy, Ken and Toshie (pictured with Highland Park's Gerry Tosh in the light suit) schmoozed their way round the canapes, oysters and little bits of biscuits with dark things on the top.

The first surprise was the offer of a 'long dram' - Highland Park 18 over ice with ginger beer, lime juice and a slice of lime. I can see the purists shuddering, but this is an astonishingly refreshing drink and if the Edrington gang are happy to see their malts taken this way, who are we to argue?

After a short welcome from Ken Grier, Director of Malts from the Edrington Group, Gerry Tosh, the Global Brand Ambassador for Highland Park, took us through the intricacies of tasting, turning the glass, watching the legs, nosing and finally the tasting.

This was no stuffed-shirt session; this was an enjoyment of Highland Park at its glorious best done with panache and humour. The main part of the evening was simply a relaxing chat with people who share the love of a dram (sounds like a slogan).

I spent most of the evening ensconced at the Highland Park table, while Ken and Andy shuttled between HP and Macallan. I was honoured when Gerry opened the bottle of 16 YO that had only been on the market for three weeks, and which is duty free only.

It is a light, citrus taste with pear drops on the tongue, followed by that traditonal HP effect - dry mouth, then a sudden swoosh of flavour as it comes back to dance on the tongue.

The 25YO and the 30 were absolutes giants - but gentle giants - the 30 reminding me of Terry's Chocolate Orange , only much, much nicer.

Highlight of the night for me was Gerry's HP25 and ice cream combo - a concept that sounds so ridiculous but which works beyond all expectations. Take one spoonful of vanilla ice cream, (Gerry suggests Haagen Dazs, but any good ice cream will do) down it and immediately follow with a generous sip of HP. The taste sensation is quite extraordinary. Please do try this at home.

My overall impression of the night was that the Edrington people obviously respect and indeed revere their products, but firmly believe they are there to be enjoyed. Whether it's a dram you take straight, or with ice, ginger, or scoopfuls of ice cream, the message is the same - it's your dram; have it as you like it.

Bill Mackintosh

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Looking for a present with a difference that you know will be appreciated this Christmas? Glengoyne might have the answer with a personalised bottle of its award-winning Single Highland Malt Scotch whisky.

With a personal label on the bottle of Glengoyne 10 Years Old, 17 Years Old, 21 years old or the 29 Years Old Family Reserve, you can create your very own message. This is one present you know won't be consigned to the back of the cupboard.

Fiona Richardson, Retail Manager at Glengoyne Distillery, said: "We are delighted how popular the individual personalised bottles have proved since we launched them last year. Demand is already very high and we are certain this will grow as we get closer to Christmas."

Prices are £29 for the 10-years-old, £40.99 for the 17-years-old, £51.99 for the 21-years-old and £150 for the 29-years-old.

To order call Fiona Richardson at Glengoyne Distillery on 01360 550 254 or visit to order online.

And while we're on the subject of Christmas ...

Whisky connoisseurs looking to get their hands on a very impressive and extremely rare single malt can now purchase Macleod¹s Extremely Rare Glen Grant 1954 Over 50 Years.

Only 100 bottles of this prestigious single malt will be available worldwide and each will come presented in a beautiful, American solid oak wooden box, the interior of which is lined in Macleod Hunting Ancient tartan. Each box also has an individually engraved and numbered gold plate and hand carved Macleod coat of arms on the outside.

This truly special malt will make an outstanding gift or collector¹s item as it is presented in a branded gift box and each individual bottle has been numbered from 1 to 100 and each has an individually numbered neck tag too.

Also included in the gift box will be a certificate of authenticity, tasting notes prepared by our Rare Malt Manager and an exclusive invitation to taste the whisky. This is a great bonus for customers who want to sample the malt but are reluctant to open their own special bottle.

Iain Weir, Head of Marketing for Ian Macleod Distillers, whose portfolio includes Glengoyne, said: "We think this is a fantastic addition to our portfolio, the rarest of the rare, and we are confident that the 100 bottles are going to get snapped up very quickly. In fact we have already taken orders."

UK minimum RRP will be £2000.