Wednesday, January 11, 2006


The 2nd Festival of Whisky takes place in the city between January 23 and 28.

For the first time it will include four ‘Speed Tasting’ events, which will take place at various bars in town. In a complete break with tradition, the Festival will capitalise on the popularity of the speed-dating craze to introduce whisky to new Scottish consumers who may never have thought of trying it before.

Organiser Susan Young of Media World Ltd said: “We did a similar event in Edinburgh in November, and it proved a huge success. People got to try out new whiskies and also got to meet new friends too.

“The idea is to encourage people to try a whisky they might not otherwise have done, with a brief five-minute commentary from whisky experts, before moving onto the next whisky. It’s strictly controlled, being more of a tasting session than a drinking session.”

The festival also includes whisky tutored tastings and sampling events. Says Young: “The whole ethos behind the festival is to get people to try whisky. And allow them to find out more about particular brands they like.”

Brands taking part include Auchentoshan, Aberfeldy 1988, Benromach, Bowmore, Caol Ila, Dalmore, Glen Garioch, the Glenrothes, Highland Park, Isle of Jura, Johnny Walker, Talisker and Whyte and Mackay. Events are free and open to members of the public over 18.

For those who are smitten and want to take things a little further there will also be a number of organised follow up first ‘dates’ - where things will move a little slower and consumers can get to know their whisky of choice better through a tutored tasting.

These will take place after the speed dates in bars including the Bon Accord, Lismore, the Doublet, Ben Nevis, Uisge Beatha, Pot Still, Campus and Metropolitan.


Monday 23rd January Repertoire: Whisky Speed Dating (all brands) 5.30 ­ 7pm
Bon Accord: Johnnie Walker, Caol Illa, Talisker TT 8.15pm
the Lismore: Highland Park SE 8.15pm

Tuesday 24th January Bastille Taverne: Whisky Speed Dating (all brands) 5.30 ­ 7pm
The Doublet Isle of Jura TT 8.15pm
The Butterfly & the Pig: Bowmore SE 8.15pm

Wednesday 25th January Moskito: Whisky Speed Dating (all brands) 5.30 ­ 7pm
The Ben Nevis: Highland Park TT 8.15pm
Uisge Beatha: Benromach, Aberfeldy 1988, Glenrothes TT 8.15pm
The Lismore: Johnnie Walker, Caol Illa, Talisker SE 8.15pm

Thursday 26th January The Butterfly & the Pig Whisky Speed Dating (all brands) 5.30 ­ 7pm
The Pot Still: Bowmore TT 8.15pm
Campus: Isle of Jura SE 8.15pm

Saturday 28th January
Oran Mor: Whisky Speed Dating (all brands) 3.00 ­ 5pm
Repertoire: Highland Park TT 6pm
The Metropolitan: Benromach, Aberfeldy 1988, Glenrothes SE 8.15pm

TT = tutored tasting
SE = sampling exercise