Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The Joy of Six

February 23rd was the first Round the Barrel night of the year for Glasgow’s Whisky Club – and it looks like we need a bigger one! Apart from the two club bottlings, it seems everyone who turned up brought something. In fact we had so much we’ve plonked a couple away. Thanks to Gary Dawson, a new member, for his generous donation. In fact thanks to EVERYONE who brought along goodies.
Our very own Chanty Wrassler, internet superstar Ralfy, brought along a couple of bottles, generously donated by the victims … sorry, SUBJECTS of his global reaching You Tube series of whisky films.
They were an eight-year-old Ballantine’s pure malt and an 18 year old Chivalry blend from the guys who bring you Glencairn glasses.
Chatting with our estimable club secretary the following day, when the effects of such a full barrel were evident, we suggested limiting the number of bottles to six, the same as for a tutored tasting. That way we can savour the drams and still function the next morning!