Thursday, February 05, 2009


February, the Bon Accord, and yet another great night in the travels of our wee club. The Burns Supper hit all the notes - good food, good drams, good friends. We had our ups and down - secretary Andy Bell at last proposing to make an honest woman of Gillian, who, much to the astonishment of the assembled cast, accepted. Apart from his boyish good looks and almost unfettered access to premium drams,what DOES she see in him? The downside was the early departure of our Tartan Army treasurer, who had a dose of what my mum used to call 'The Bile',and wandered off into the night clutching his sporran full of banknotes. The next day he was feeling slightly better, unlike Gillian,who was still engaged to Andy.
To the night itself. A few brief words from the chairman, almost totally drowned out by the boorish behaviour of club members who seemed to prefer chatting among themselves than listening to his wise words, then a fine Selkirk Grace from the Chanty Wrassler. Undoubted highlight was the Ode to a Haggis, animatedly perormed by Ken Seaton who stepped in as the aforementioned treasurer was sprinting to the loo for an unscheduled upchuck. Three courses - lentil soup, haggis neeps and tatties and a delicious steak pie - were accompanied by the Bon Accord's own Bruichladdich, a 1993 cask strength, then an Auchentoshan 12 and finally, a magnificent Adelphi secret bottling which may, or may not, have from over the sea FROM Skye.
Many thanks to Paul McDonagh and his son young Paul (also known as Thomas) and ALL the staff at Bon Accord. It's a fine venue and one we'll be returning to on a regular basis, I'm sure.