Friday, July 21, 2006


As you know, your committee works tirelessly on your behalf, searching out the best tastings and trips for your enjoyment, and all without fear or favour, or thought of reward.

Thus it was that on the hottest day on record, Ken and Toshie found themselves in air-conditioned splendour in Strata, Queen Street, sipping Highland Bellinis and chatting to Diageo’s brands ambassador. Highland Bellinis? Pear puree, lemon, champagne and a generous measure of Longmorn malt.

The event was to showcase Diageo’s malt whiskies and how they can be teamed with a four-course dinner. Starter was Scottish oak smoked salmon with Talisker 10, poured over a glass where water had been previously froze. You could either drink it before it cooled down, or waited for some melt to calm down the spicy Talisker.

Next came venison with vegetable ratatouille and basil crouton (normal Wednesday night fare for club members, I know) with Clynelish 14.

Pud was honey and orange cheesecake served with frozen Dalwhinnie 15 in a narrow, tulip shaped glass. It was simply delicious.

Finally came the Roquefort cheese and Arran oatcakes matched with Lagavulin 16. A perfect complement.

A final toast with Johnny Walker Blue Label, a blend of 14 malts, up to 60 years old, and your intrepid duo wandered off into the balmy night, safe in the knowledge that they had once again put club before self.

What a coupla swells!!

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