Saturday, April 22, 2006


The Scottish company which introduced to the world a glass specially designed for whisky – the one given to Glasgow’s Whisky Club members as part of their welcoming pack – is to receive a Queen's Award for Enterprise, regarded as Britain's most coveted commercial award.

East Kilbride-based Glencairn Crystal has won the Award for Innovation, recognising the design and successful marketing of the Glencairn Glass, which is now used by all Scottish and Irish distilleries and many more worldwide.

The Glencairn Glass has a unique and stylish design, tapered for better 'nosing'. Crafted to be comfortable in the hand, the glass is designed to enhance the whisky drinking experience when being enjoyed neat or with water.

The family business, which employs 20 people, launched the glass four years ago, following collaboration between Glencairn Crystal and Scotland's Master Distillers, and the company now supplies more than one million units a year to a global market.

Managing Director Paul Davidson said: “There are specialist glass designs for champagne and brandy, but there had never been one for whisky.

“In a relatively short space of time, the glass has become established world-wide as the definitive whisky glass, by the industry and increasingly by consumers, and we are now looking at expanding further through a network of agents.”

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