Saturday, February 04, 2006


Picture: Martin Shields. Courtesy of Evening Times, Glasgow

Glengoyne has just invested £100,000 on two brand-new stills.

After 20 years in production, the trusty copper stills had lost their seven millimetres thick coatings as the whisky-making process gradually stripped them of their density.

To ensure the new stills produce a genuine Glengoyne dram, the bashes and bruises of the old ones have been painstakingly recreated.

The distillery was closed at the beginning of the year to allow the stills to be shoehorned into the building.

Made by Abercrombie in Stirlingshire, they stand over ten feet.

Incidentally, Glengoyne could soon be the picturesque setting for BBC Scotland's comedy, Still Game. The producers have approached the distillery to shoot an episode at the Dumgoyne plant, featuring Jack and Victor .

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