Wednesday, February 08, 2006


A new Islay company has produced the first ever soap to be made from both whisky and its oak cask.

Ailsa Hayes of The Spirited Soap Company, a pharmaceutical research chemist, uses alcohol to make clear soap for the single malt fan who simply cannot get enough.

She said: “Since alcohol comes from distilleries - and there are 7½ malt whisky distilleries on Islay - it made sense to use whisky instead of industrial alcohol.”

“Girly perfumes are all very well but I wanted one that captured the very essence of whisky-making. And that’s where the cask came in.”

Commissioned by the Bruichladdich distillery, The Malt Bar is scented by whisky-drenched, oak shavings taken from the inside of a Bruichladdich cask.

Ailsa added: “Oak staves that have been marinated in whisky for decades smell awesome - but unless you’re a cooper or distiller you will never have experienced it.”

“It’s a sweet, toasted-oak smell; like a cross between a cigar box, carpenter’s workshop, hayloft and coal-tar all at once. You won’t sell like an alcoholic.”

During the barrel-making process casks are charred on the inside. These shavings give the soap an unusual translucent, black colour.

“It looks butch, smells manly and is very metro-sexual, said Ailsa.

Pass the soap!!

The Spirited Soap Company:

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