Thursday, September 03, 2009


Well, we were completely out of our comfort zone at Rabelaisian Ralfy’s rumbustious rum night… but it turned out to be a wonderful evening. The Chanty Rastler, resplendent in a brightly-coloured Hawaiian shirt, took us through a handful of rums from across the warmer parts of the globe.
Our first was a Havana Club Blanco from Cuba, a spicy rum reminiscent of Kola cubes and raisins. Next came an Angostura 1919 from Trinidad, followed by a Clement VSOP (Martinique) and a Mount Gay X'old from Barbados. The first two may have puzzled a few club members, but the latter pair were marvellous. And it got better. A Guyanan El Dorado 12yo was sublime, as was an Appleton Extra from Jamaica. A brace of rums courtesy of our pals at the BIG Partnership, who work for Edrington, was next on the tasting list, thanks to our esteemed treasurer, who‘d been asked by BIG to bring them along. The Brugal Ron Anejo and the Extra Viejo from the Dominican Republic were great drams (if you can have drams of rum). The evening ended with a mystery 1960’s cask rum (possible Jamaican Hampden donated by Gordon, and Ralfy’s famed Rumsky – a marriage of single malt and rum that Ralf’s been experimenting with. Mixed view on this one, but my taste buds were shot by then anyway. The top three of the evening were:
3rd - Mount Gay Extra Old 86/100
2nd - El Dorado 12yo 87/100
1st - Appleton Extra12 90/100

A second twist came when Peter of Inverarity One to One in Bath Street brought along a selection of fine cigars, explaining the difference between the products of the various countries that produce them. Those of us who thought Cuba was the only place to make cigars were soundly disabused of that notion!
A great night. An unusual night. And an accomplished host.

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