Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Doubles at the Doublet

Change of venue for the club night, and the Doublet more than measured up. We got the venue free but the pub must have been happy judging by the numbers who turned up, especially the non-members who wondered what on earth was going on. Nice to see Juliet back on her feet. In a rash moment she (kind of) offered a tasting at her house to get rid of some of the drams she's got lying around. I'll organise the bus!

Some good drams on offer too. Your humble chairman brought along a Tormore and Miltonduff, the last bottlings from Allied Distillers in Dumbarton in 2002. The Miltonduff was by far the better dram, IMHO. Ralf brought a Bladnoch 15 cask strength - the blackfaced sheep bottling - courtesy of Raymond Armstrong at the distillery, and it was a fine dram. Raymond would appreciate an email with your tasting notes ( We should think of an outing there. A long haul, but worth it.

Star of the night for me was the Fascadale from Adelphi, a secret bottling from a distillery not 20 miles from Talisker!

Next up is our Highland Park night, confirmed for the Bon Accord on June 30. The list is now closed and a stand-by is in operation. See you there.

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kenseaton said...

Can the bus swing past Nice? Or make it around June 12 and I have a chance of being there...

You guys are having so much fun now I'm not there!