Saturday, July 14, 2007


THE first-ever 18 year old from Bruichladdich is released on August 15th - the newest addition to the core range, sporting a smart new livery.

The unique bottling, designed by Master Distiller Jim McEwan, is an unusual alliance of Scotland, America, France… and Austria, to produce a well rounded, compelling dram.

Matured for 18 years in American oak casks, the whisky was selected for an additional cask evolution (ACE) for several months in premium quality French oak.

Mark Reynier, CEO says: “The casks chosen come from Austrian maverick Willi Opitz, the engaging, ever so slightly mad, wine producer. It took four years to persuade him.”

“Opitz’s irreverence – he produces a sparkling wine called Fizzy Willy – appeals to me, as does his huge vitality and enthusiasm - obsession even – to challenge the norm.”

“Aficionados hooked on Sherry casks will be blown away – there are similar traits but more complexity, finesse and fruit thanks to the finer oak and totally unique ‘straw wine’.

“It’s turbo-charged golden honey, dark raisin/toffee richness, pomegranate, cooked pear/plum fruit; with hints of cinnamon: viscous mouth feel and long, smooth finish” Stocks should last around two years.

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