Sunday, April 15, 2007


Fancy your own cask? Glengoyne is offering club members a chance to own one (Or two. Or three). A limited number will be available and we can specify the size and age of the cask as well as its previous occupant – sherry, bourbon etc. We get certificate, a bottle of single cask to keep us going, jacket, free VIP annual visit and other goodies. We get to taste it at various stages while it’s being stored for at least 10 years. We can choose the design of the label and the strength of the whisky inside - cask (around 60%) or 43%. Cost starts at £1200. At cask strength, and including all bottling and labelling charges, Duty and VAT it would come to £3459 at today’s rates. We would get 220 bottles so it works out at approx £18.51 per bottle. If we drop to 43%, we’d get 306 bottles and the cost would be approx £13.96 a bottle. If anyone is interested, let me know. You can also follow the link for the PDF

Cask brochure+inserts LR.pdf(1MB)

Other bits and bobs around this week include:

The Co-op is about to launch the lightest bottle on the market. The upside is it is made with less glass to help save the planet; the downside is you have to drink the Co-op’s own label scotch!!

A man named after a single malt has made a 4000 mile pilgrimage to his ‘spiritual home’. Nicholas Glenfiddich Lahren, is a 26-year-old technician from Philadelphia, who visited Glenfiddich Distillery to pick up a crystal decanter promised to him on his 18th birthday. His dad named him after his favourite tipple, but the family moved to America, and this was Nick’s first chance to get back. I see this as a trend that might well catch on. So, introducing Ralf Laphroaig Mitchell, Iain Ben Nevis Black,, and Francis Bunnahabhain Murphy.

Inver House has posted a dip in sales and profits, hard on the heels of its relaunch of Balblair. The firm, bought last October by InterBev, the international arm of Thai Beverages, saw profits slip to just under £2.6million, down from £2.9m the last time.
William Grant & Sons is investing tons of dosh in a new malt distillery in Girvan, Ayrshire, next to its existing grain distillery. The move was forced on the firm because of overwhelming demand from emerging markets such as China. China is also behind the launch next month by Ian MacLeod Distillers (parent body of Glengoyne) of a series of single malts and blends. They’ll include 12- and 15-year-old blends as well as 17- and 21-year-old single malts.

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