Tuesday, June 27, 2006


A disappointing turn out for Sunday’s tasting, but I suppose since it was an experiment; it was a sunny day and there was World Cup football on the box, 10 like-minded souls was as good as we could expect. Those who couldn’t make it missed a lovely afternoon.

There is something special about having a pub all to ourselves and many thanks to Ken Storrie for his efforts.
Thanks too, go to Andy the Landy Forrester, who is the & in Jon Mark & Robbo, and who, as an Englishman, was assiduous in ignoring the televised antics of his team against Ecuador, to bring us a tasting that was, as promised, different, irreverent and totally without bullshit.

What there was were half a dozen cracking drams. We started with the new bottle – the Fresh Fruity One that did exactly what it said on the tin. Asked to guess the malts that made up this delicious drink, your tippling ten struggled though all corners of the whisky map. We were 100% wrong – there’s no malt in it, just 100% grain from all of Scotland’s grain distilleries. Try this in a tall glass over tons of ice on a summer’s evening.

The Smooth Sweet One – also known as the Breakfast Whisky – also known as the MickMack is unique. It’s the first malt to combine Irish and Scottish malts … 70% Cooley, 30% Bunnahabhain.

The Rich Spicy One is sherried with Macallan Gran Reserve, Tamdhu, Glenrothes, Bunnahabhain and Highland Park. It’s just as tasty as it sounds and was a firm favourite. The Smokey Peaty One is a complete revelation. It’s made up of Highland Park, Caol Ila, Bunnahabhain, Laphroaig, Bowmore and Ledaig and had all the qualities of those quality drams. As part of the innovation that JMR preaches, Andy made up a special The Pot Still One, a stunning concoction made up with Elijah Craig Kentucky bourbon and the Smokey Peaty One. That one would walk off the shelves if it were ever bottled.

So, a good afternoon’s work, even if the attendance was low. It was encouraging, however, to see new faces. Andy Bell, our latest soul, was a welcome addition, as was Ralf Mitchell, who arrived, sampled, and joined on the day. Ralf, above left, and Andy, are pictured taking part in the Snozzle Challenge. Don't ask.....

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