Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Whyte & Mackay are in the process of rebranding, taking the well-loved whisky slightly upmarket. Whether it is its ‘Special’ blend or the luxurious 30 years old, each bottle is prepared using a double marriage maturation process.

This unique process not only guarantees a smooth, mellow and distinctive character but more importantly it guarantees consistency.

New to the range is ‘The Thirteen’. Matured for 13 years, instead of the standard 12, ensures that the whisky has extra time to mould and marry into perfect harmony, creating a truly velvety smoothness.

If your Dad prefers something more mature, why not give him a bottle of the award winning 30 years old. With its classic refined flavour brought about in its many years in wood, it must be drunk with respect - savouring each mouthful. If you wish to make the present even more special, why not team it up with a Don Ramos cigar, as the pairing were recently named the ultimate whisky and cigar combination at the World Whisky and Cigar Challenge.

Having just changed the design livery, the new packaging is luxurious and proud. The superb design, added to the great Scotch inside, would make a fantastic gift this Father’s day.

Hope my daughter's listening ....

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