Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Let's face it, when you've won Whisky Pub of the Year as often as The Pot Still has, there comes a time when you want to do more than just pile the the trophies up behind the bar and let the customers gaze in admiration. Ken Storrie's plan for the latest award, from Whisky Magazine, was to fill it with water and make it a feature of it with the addition of a goldfish called Frank.
Shock horror from the staff forced a rapid change of plan, but with Frank swimming serenely in his wee plastic bag, a Whyte and Mackay ice bucket was pressed into service. The piscine seems quite happy, as are the staff.
We asked Ken why he called the fish Frank and were told something about fish having the same attention span as a certain member of staff, but we weren't sure just who he was talking about! Posted by Picasa

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